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Lithuania Tochal Damavand

It was really very nice experience in the Damavand & Tochal.
Everything was well and interesting organized. Mountain huts where we spent night were the best I have ever seen in mountains. Our mountain guide Pedram Ghasemi was very nice, smart and helpful person!
His decisions during our tour were really helpful. 
And a nice hotel in Tehran was a really great surprise at the final of our visit of Iran!
I could really recommend him to my friends.
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Austria Iran Damavand Pedram

In August ’18 I had the opportunity to get in touch with Pedram to take a hike towards Mount Damavand.
As a beginner without any mountaineering experience, I was unfamiliar with the whole situation at the start, but Pedram could explain to me the individual steps for the hike clearly.
The ascent itself was an experience I wouldn’t want to miss in my life, with all its efforts and unforgettable views. Thanks to Pedram’s help and technical skills I managed to reach the summit in a safe manner.
In case of any struggles on the last few meters, Pedram can always empower you with some of his motivational songs.
Take the chance and enjoy the hike in the Iranian mountains.
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Lithuania Damavand Tochal

We visited Iran in Oct 2018
We had tour to Tochal and Damavand!
Our guide was Pedram and we were really very happy with him. He is an interesting, friendly and sporty person! All our trip he took good care of us, served good food and returned us safe back. Even when our mountain tour was finished and we stayed in Iran 2 more days, he helped us with local questions. We liked his organization skills and can recommend him for sure!
Thank You, Pedram!!!
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